Cricket Wives of Bangladesh*

Today 20 faculty (including myself) and about 50 students went to Bangladesh’s cricket match against Pakistan. As you can imagine, it is a very intense rivalry and our students were CRAZY excited, chanting for their teams the entire way to the stadium.

Students Chanting and Cheering on the Bus Ride

When we arrived at the stadium, we were kind of treated like rock stars. The bus pulled behinds these gates and then we were escorted by security and led through crowds of people taking photos of us and cheering along with the students for their respective teams to get to the entrance of the stadium. Most of our students had never been to a cricket game before, and they were beyond ecstatic like teenage girls must have been with Elvis or the Beatles.

One of my students Minza and her friend, rooting for Pakistan.

We had a fun time too…

My roommate Dayna and I getting in the cricket spirit

however, here are three reasons I will never be a cricket fan (and why I left after 30 minutes):

1. what the f*** is going on in this game? i don’t think i will ever understand.

2. there is no beer and no hotdogs! these are essential ingredients for fun at any sporting event.

3. there is no shade from the blaring sun. and it was HOT!

Even in spite of these three things, it was really interesting to see a cricket match (kind of) and also see how intense the fans are and how much fun it is for them. You could tell for the both the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis it was a huge source of pride.



across the stadium

a very patriotic fan...

*Thanks to Lauren for the title of this blog post.


One thought on “Cricket Wives of Bangladesh*

  1. Ha! Your comments made me laugh. I am an Aussie so we love cricket too, luckily for us we have beer at our games! I went to some matches in India a few years back, this sport is effectively number one on the sub-continent so the crowds are crazy! Great fun! But dont worry I have similar issues with baseball and the mind numbing stats of that game!

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